Eco Bags
World Trend

We call eco bags bags, handbags, backpacks and other fabric products developed with materials of low environmental impact and that have ecologically correct use. In addition to the packaging made of canvas, also those of nylon and TNT (Non-Woven Fabric) are also considered ecological.

The use of eco bags, also called ecopackages or eco-friendly bags, is a worldwide trend and creates a good impression, felt throughout the evolutionary chain: supplier, shop and final consumer.

Eco Sacolas
Eco Sacolas
Eco Sacolas

Advantages of Ecopackages

The Ecopackages bring numerous advantages, both for the environment and for those who use them on a daily basis or in business actions.

Know some of them:

  • They are produced with biodegradable materials.
  • They contribute to the reduction of environmental impact.
  • They do not have components that damage nature.
  • They can replace disposable plastic handbags and bags.
  • They are returnable and can be used several times.
  • They can be used on many occasions and situations.
  • They are practical, durable and extremely resistant.
  • They have different shapes and sizes.
  • They can be adapted for various purposes.
  • They are great for gift giving or giveaway in actions.
  • They are a great way to promote and value a brand.

Ecological packaging is increasingly present in our daily lives, showing that they are advantageous and useful for people, for companies and also for our planet.

If you want the market to realize your ecological responsibility and responsible collaboration, eco-packaging is the best option.

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